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3D3 Materials

3D3 is a dental 3D printing brand developed in Singapore to provide digital dentistry solutions to modern dental practice.

Our spectrum of products includes patented formula for 3D printed dental models, surgical templates, temporary crowns and permanent crowns (coming soon). Not only do our 3D printed temporary crowns promises a harness of more than 200MPa, surpassing current resin crowns, but we also deliver in 18 VITA colors.

All 3D3 products are produced with extreme care to meet Singapore HSA, CE, US FDA nad NMPA standards. Originated in Singapore, through partnership with research institute, 3D3 is equipped with the best R&D know-how and committed to continual support and upgrade with future digital dentistry development.

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Temporary Crown.JPG
Permanent Crown.JPG
Surgical Guide.JPG
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3D3 MINI Printer

Tailored for dental treatment rooms with small foot print but sizable build platforms.

Biggest build platform measure 1400mm X 800mm.

Print speed of up to 0.6mm/min.

Print a pair of dental models in 25 mins.

1 single crown ready in 15 mins.

Printer properties.png
Printer Spec.JPG

Company Background

Contact Us

Star3D Material Development Company (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is a joint-venture between Singapore Dental Star and A*Star Accelerate, dedicated to develop 3D printing technology for dental applications.

We will be able to leverage on our parent group's strong base in dental industry, as well as technology support from A*Star, to deliver the best solutions to existing problems. 

+65 6974 1835

51 Ubi Ave 1, #06-26,

Paya Ubi Industrial Park,

Singapore 408933


Our Partners

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